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Welcome to Six Minutes To Release! Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the website and its features.

Joining the Guild

See a raid captain for a guild invite if your application has been accepted.
If your application has been accepted but you have yet to actually join the guild, you need to speak with Roncli or Solitha.

Becoming a Raider

Always strive to become a better player.
When you join the guild at level 100, you start at the Member 100 rank. The first thing you should do upon joining the guild is strive to reach the Raider rank. This will give you full guild bank privileges, allow you to be considered for raids on par with any other Raider, and show to the rest of the guild that you are interested in becoming a better player.

The first thing you will want to do as a new member of SMTR is to add your main toon to your account. Your main toon is the character that you prefer to raid with. To do this, do the following:
  • Click on the "Account" button in the menu above
  • Select "Your Toons" in the Account Navigation section
  • Click the "Add Toon" button towards the top of the page
  • Enter your Character Name and click "Search Armory"

If the website can find your toon on the Armory, some information may be filled out for you here. Please double check that all information is accurate, fill in any additional missing information, including setting the Guild Name to "Six Minutes To Release", and click "Add Character".

To become a Raider, you should seek out either Roncli or Solitha. One of us will introduce you to the guild and our rules, and do a quick check of your character, including talent spec, gear, and raiding experience. We will also make sure you are aware of common guild policies.

You may not get promoted right away. If not, we will inform you what you need to do in order to advance. Do not take this advice lightly! We both are familiar with a number of classes, and have resources at our fingertips for things we may not know right away. We want to make sure you will succeed!

Signing Up for Raids

You do NOT have to reach the Raider rank to be considered for raids!
In general, sign up for any raids you think that you are capable of attending and performing well in.

To sign up for a raid, use /calendar in game. Any events that you are sure that you are able to attend, sign up for them! If you are willing to run but would rather we take someone else that night, sign up as tentative. If you're unsure if you are able to make it, don't sign up and let Roncli know of your situation, and he will let you know the best way to proceed depending on the circumstances.

Don't sign up for a raid and not show for it. If this is unavoidable due to emergency, please let Roncli or Solitha know right away.

If you don't sign up, we will assume that you do not want to go!

What We Run

Currently, we run scheduled 10-man raids on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. We are currently running Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry. Sunday nights are alt nights, and every Tuesday and Sunday we will open the raid to the server for PuGing.

Fridays and Saturdays are off days, although some semi-organized events may happen on these days.

All raids run a minimum of 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm server time, with one scheduled break at approximately 7:30 pm, although it can come earlier or later depending on the circumstances. If we run beyond 8:30 pm, extra breaks will be given every hour starting at 8:30 pm.

Personal loot is on for normal and heroic raids. Mythical raids will be marked as Vetaran-only raids, and will use the Loot List.


Please read RaidExpectations for a complete list of what we expect out of our raiding guild members.

About Raid Invites

On Tuesdays and Sundays, everyone will get a raid invitation. These generally will be nights where we are more familiar with the encounters, and can work with players who may not be ready for the cutting edge of raiding.

On other nights, however, not everyone who signs up may raid. If we require higher performance and you are not able to perform up to that standard, you may not get an invitation. Remember that we raid for progression. Not everyone is going to get to get the first kill on every boss. Be patient, and if you're not invited to a raid for a night, do something that will help your character or the guild.

If you ever feel that you are being repeatedly looked over in raids, please let us know and we will work it out. Sitting people that want to raid is the worst part of running a guild!

Guild Bank

Please see GuildBank for a synopsis our policies for the guild bank.

Have fun!

Come and get to know your guildies! Run some heroics, offer help, and don't be shy. The best way to get to know us is to jump right in. And remember most of all, have fun!

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