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1. Be Dedicated and Reliable
  • Have an idea of what your role is for any given fight (especially progression)
    • The raid leader's explanation should compliment your own research
  • Be online, signed up, and ready a minimum of 15 minutes before the raid beings
    • Don't be in other instances or groups at raid time
    • Have the appropriate flasks, potions and food
    • Mods installed and configured properly
    • Connected to Ventrilo
  • If you are going to be late make an effort to notify the raid leader

2. Know Your Class
  • Do your own research
    • Know your rotation and priority queue
    • Follow appropriate websites
  • Always strive for improvement

3. Treat Each Other With Respect
  • Maintain a positive attitude throughout the raid
  • Refrain from excessive profanity and degrading remarks
  • Be present for the entire raid
    • No Ninja AFKing without a very good reason, as you may be replaced
    • Don't join a raid if you won't have time to finish it
  • Extend the same courtesy you show to guild mates to non-guild players
  • Be open for constructive criticism

4. Use Ventrilo
  • Ventrilo must be installed and setup properly
  • Feel free to constructively contribute to raid strategies

5. Stay current with the website


Performance is your responsibility.You can be removed from a raid if your performance is hurting the raid's progress.

There are several tools available to ensure that your character is properly geared, enchanted, gemmed and doing appropriate DPS/HPS/TPS. Here are a few:

1. External Tools (Run outside of World of Warcraft)
  • Simulation Craft
    • Accurate performance simulator - this will tell you what your character is capable of

2. Websites
  • Ask Mr. Robot
    • Allows you to optimze your gear, gems, and enchantments.

3. In-Game Addons
  • Recount
    • Recount is an advanced damage meter addon that can display all kinds of information, including who did the most damage or healing, how your tank died, who is receiving the most healing in the raid, and so on.
  • Skada Damage Meter
    • An alternative to Recount.
  • Death Note
    • A simple to use addon to tell you how you and members of your raid died.
Officers are here and happy to help, but should be considered a secondary source of information.

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