[Six Minutes To Release]
Six Minutes To Release is an Alliance family-friendly raiding guild. We are currently recruiting for our normal and heroic raiding schedule. Our raid times are 6:00pm to 8:30pm (though we sometimes go later). We are currently running Sunday through Thursday, with Sunday being an alt night, and Tuesday's raid being open to the public. We are currently <insert progression here>.

We are in open recruitment to expand our roster! If you are interested, please apply at http://www.six-minutes.com/Apply

Here's what we offer:
- Website (http://www.six-minutes.com) with many features, including Forums, Wiki, Photo Albums and more
- Active Facebook page
- Active 8-tab guild bank
- Ask Mr. Robot subscription access for raiders
- Repairs for raiders
- A family-friendly atmosphere with no attendance requirements
- The best tabard on the server! (Fair warning, most of the guild disagrees with me with that one, LOL)

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