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Born from the Construct Quarter of Naxxramas and the depths of the sick, twisted mind of Catyrpelius, Six Minutes To Release is not so proud to present the current list of championship holders within Six Minutes To Release. Please note that you probably don't want to be listed here!

Active Champions

BeltTitle HolderHow to win
Antivirus ChampHolymaxxWiping the raid when your virus scanner pops up in mid-fight.
Army of the Fail ChampColzarathaPrematurely casting Army of the Dead before a raid encounter.
Battery ChampSwimdudeHaving a battery-powered device running out of power during a raid encounter.
Belt BeltVegettoDying to a malfunctioning Rocket Belt.
Blink ChampSchwankyMages only. Blinking to your death.
Breaking Wind ChampBootlaceFalling off of the Grand Overlook in Throne of Thunder.
Broken Gear ChampColzRaiding with broken gear.
Bubble ChampLereasPaladins only. Wiping the raid by bubbling while tanking.
Champion ImpossiblePentharianPulling a group from beyond the current boss that you're not supposed to be able to get to.
Coward ChampVegettoAccidentally leaving an instance via teleportation, hearth, etc.
Disenchanting ChampTheleDisenchanting a piece of your main spec gear.
Enchanting ChampShampsonShamans only. Raiding without a shaman enchantment on their weapon.
Elevator ChampColzarathaFalling to your death off of any elevator in a raid.
Emoquit ChampRassmanAccidentally leaving group during a raid.
Fishing ChampSaramirHaving your fishing pole equipped in combat during a raid.
Game Time ChampVegettoRunning out of game time during a raid.
Green ChampRassmanRaiding while your computer is in power saving mode.
Gunship ChampSylvyrthorneFalling to your death off of any gunship in a raid.
Haxx ChampBachinGetting your account hacked.
Heroism ChampßlöödShamans, Mages, and BM Hunters only. Casting heroism (or similar) in a raid outside of a raid encounter.
Hewlett Packard ChampHolmatroWiping a raid due to Hewlet Packard printer updates preventing you from performing an action.
I'm Okay ChampOpshaeHealing yourself instead of others due to a faulty addon or macro, causing a wipe in a raid.
Infernal ChampBachinWarlocks only. Summoning an abyssal infernal accidentally during a raid.
iTunes ChampRikeraWiping a raid due to iTunes preventing you from performing an action.
Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' ChampColzMonks only. Rolling into a bad place, such as off a platform.
Kiddie Pool ChampAllanuFalling to your death in the Pools of Power in Siege of Orgrimmar.
Knuckle Sandwich ChampSoltristezaNot using a weapon during a raid encounter.
Leeroy ChampSolithaRunning towards Iron Juggernaut without killing Galakras and dying.
Long Distance ChampRikeraDying on a raid encounter due to a phone call.
Mining ChampColzarathaDying to a mine on Dranosh'ar Landing in Siege of Orgrimmar.
Mispull ChampPenthandaPulling something unintentionally.
Missing Gear ChampGrendonNot having a gear slot equipped (except shirts and tabards).
Naked ChampGrimmbeerUnintentionally raiding naked.
Nom Nom ChampCatyrpeliusGetting yourself killed while eating IRL.
Poison ChampRijlRogues only. Raiding without poisons on their weapons.
Powerless ChampVegettoShutting your computer accidentally off while in a raid.
Presence ChampColzarathaBeing in the wrong presence or no presence for their role during a raid encounter.
Pretty Dragon ChampPentharianFalling to your death in the area of the Elegon encounter in Mogu'shan Vaults.
Salvation ChampRoncliPaladins only. Performing Hand of Salvation on the tank, wiping the raid.
Seppuku ChampVegettoUnintentionally committing suicide with the Ra'sha's Sacrificial Dagger while engaged in combat in a raid.
Shadow Word: Priestard ChampTyphoodKilling yourself via Shadow Word: Death in a raid encounter.
Shiftless ChampSolithaDruids only. Failing to shift into a form for a raid encounter.
Skinny Dipping ChampNymphadoraDying to the water on the Brackenspore encounter in Highmaul.
Super Mario ChampColzarathaDying by playing around with or missing jumping into the pipes around the Siegecrafter Blackfuse encounter in Siege of Orgrimmar.
Tab ChampWarradinTabbing out of WoW during a raid encounter, resulting in someone's death.
Taunt ChampVegettoWiping a raid or getting yourself killed due to taunting something you shouldn't have.
Toon Deletion ChampMachardAccidentally deleting your main toon.
UI ChampPentharianLosing a key part of your UI, resulting in someone's death during an encounter.
Well Done ChampVegettoDying in a fire in a raid encounter where the fire is not a main mechanic. For example: the fire pit in Siege of Orgrimmar.
Windows ChampQuinnmanHitting the Windows key, resulting in a raid wipe.
Windows Update ChampRoncliDelaying a raid by at least 15 minutes due to Microsoft Windows Update.
Wireless ChampTheleHaving a piece of wireless equipment run out of battery life during a raid encounter.
Wrong Gear ChampArevionWearing a significant portion of gear that does not match your current spec, or missing a key piece of gear in a raid.
Wrong Glyph ChampColzarathaWearing the wrong set of glyphs for your spec during a raid.
Wrong Spec ChampRassmanBeing in the wrong spec for the current raid encounter.

Vacant Belts

The former owners of these belts were so embarassed, they quit the guild!
BeltHow to win
Afterglow ChampDying to a raid mechanic after the boss is dead.
Alt+F4 ChampClosing the game accidentally during a raid encounter.
Bastion of Twilight Falling ChampFalling to your death off of the platform surrounding the portal to the Bastion of Twilight.
Chef ChampHaving your Chef's Hat equipped in combat during a raid.
Crossraid ChampRaiding in the Vent channel of a different raid, thinking you're in the wrong raid.
Aspect of the Fail ChampHunters only. Using Aspect of the Pack during a raid encounter.
Disengage ChampHunters only. Disengaging to your death in a raid.
Druid of the Fail ChampDying to the Druids of the Flame prior Majordomo Staghelm without actually pulling them.
GQuit ChampQuitting the guild accidentally.
Misdirect ChampAccidentally misdirecting to the wrong person, causing a wipe.
Petless ChampHunters and Warlocks only. Raiding without a pet.
Platform ChampFailing to successfully jump from one platform to another during a raid encounter.
Ultimate Sauna ChampDying to magma, lava, or other fiery substance in a raid encounter.

Retired Champions

Guild secret: we still do hand these out in old raids.
Bomb ChampAderiDying or causing someone to die to Frogger 2.0, the running bombs surrounding Mimiron's chamber in Ulduar.
Bridge ChampVegettoFalling into the pit around Kologarn in Ulduar.
Champ of the Fail WindRusallkaGetting stuck in the air in Throne of the Four Winds.
Chandelier ChampVegettoFalling to your death through the hole created by Blood-Queen Lana'thel's falling chandelier in Icecrown Citadel.
Deathwing Base Jumper ChampRassmanUnintentionally falling off of Deathwing during the Spine of Deathwing encounter.
Deep Sea Diving ChampPentharianFalling off of a platform to your death during the Madness of Deathwing encounter. (This does not include the bug where you die when trying to jump from platform to platform.)
Eye of Eternity Falling ChampNolynFalling to your death off of the platform surrounding the portal to the Eye of Eternity.
Frozen Throne ChampRoncliFalling off of the Frozen Throne in Icecrown Citadel.
Gassy ChampSolithaDying to Frogger 3.0, the frostfire gas traps just before the Upper Spire portal in Icecrown Citadel.
Kansas ChampEinnisDying to the tornados spawned in the room before Ignis the Furnace Master.
Lemming ChampBruneslinFalling off of the ledge while trying to save someone else from being tossed off the ledge by a Val'kyr while fighting the Lich King. (Formerly the Can't Save Myself Champ)
Nefarian ChampBroxbeebleDying to Nefarian without pulling him in Blackrock Depths.
Pipe ChampAuthonFalling off of the Pipe leading to Gluth in Naxxrammas.
Spore ChampDamagemanFailing to run when called to do so during Festergut, resulting in one or more groups not getting spored.
Train ChampVegettoFalling off of the train to the Spark of Imagination in Ulduar.
Ultrafail ChampRoncliDying to Ultraxion a second time after he's already wiped the raid by running back in before the encounter's completed.
Wyrmrest ChampRoncliFalling off of Wyrmrest temple to your death in Dragon Soul.


  • Raid Captains and Canadians don't get bonus points.
  • Thele lies about belts.
  • They are belts. Not suspenders.

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