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Required Addons
All Members and Raiders

  • Omen Threat Meter - Omen is a threat meter. The latest version is based on the threat information that the default user interface provides and displays the information in a simple, compact, easy to understand graph. It is invaluable in most raid encounters, as it is easy to tell how close you are to pulling threat away from the tank. Everyone should get this addon installed as soon as possible, from the most geared on down to the newest player. Get familiar with the interface now so that we don't have to hold up raids to handle technical questions.
All Raiders

  • Deadly Boss Mods - Deadly Boss Mods is a set of utilities that help with boss encounters that show timers and give customizable warnings.
All Raid Captains

Install all from the following list:
  • Recount - Recount is an advanced damage meter addon that can display all kinds of information, including who did the most damage or healing, how your tank died, who is receiving the most healing in the raid, and so on.
  • LoggerHead - LoggerHead records your combat log to a file that you can later use to upload to WoW Web Stats. See the Captain's Lounge for access to the guild's WWS site.
Recommended addons

While not required, you may consider installing the following addons to improve your experience.
  • Auctioneer - Own the auction hall with this advanced auctioning tool.
  • Bartender4 - Customize your action bar layouts, and have up to 10 action bars available to you.
  • BigWigs Bossmods - A popular alternative to Deadly Boss Mods.
  • Click2Cast - Allows one-click casting of spells on unit frames without having to remember where the spell is on your action bar, or what key is bound to the spell.
  • Clique - Same as Click2Cast, but offers a snappy user interface by giving the user a new spellbook to setup mouse clicks.
  • Gatherer - Records the location of gathered items and broadcasts it to the rest of the guild.
  • Grid - Ultra compact unit frames for raids.
  • HealBot Continued - Easy mode for healers, unit frames and click casting.
  • PitBull Unit Frames 3.0 - Highly customizable unit frames that allow you to have a unit frame for target, target of target, target of target of target, focus, target of focus, and all of the party, raid, and pet frames you can handle.
  • X-Perl UnitFrames - A popular alternative to Pitbull that is very solid but does not allow as much customization.

If you have any suggestions for addons to add to this list, please speak with the Guild Master.

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