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Six Minutes To Release Mission

Six Minutes To Release aims to be a family raiding guild. We believe that raids work best when members are not subject to harsh or belittling correction. Our members are willing to admit their mistakes, accept and give advice, and generally work together in a unit with less friction. We are also adults, and understand that life has its priorities.

With that in mind, Six Minutes To Release was formed by two people with a desire to experience endgame content. The 2.3 patch has made Badges of Justice a hot commodity, allowing many more casual players to get T5-equivalent gear without ever being in a 25-man raid. We feel that phat lewt is nice, but actually seeing the content is better, and gear will only get you so far. We believe that the way to endgame is through work and practice.

We seek progression... progression with friends who are also driven to experience new things and achieve new goals. We seek members who will make a reasonable effort towards these goals with us, who are willing to dedicate time, effort, and frustration for the rush of seeing that damnable boss finally go down!

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